Monthly Archives: April 2019

  1. April 09, 2019

    ASOS Instagram Feed is Giving Us Life

    Absolutely Speechless.


    We would give you a whole breakdown and play by play on how ASOS's Insta has truly snatched our edges today...but we'd rather just show you. Enjoy.



    Thank you ASOS for breaking the internet today! 

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  2. April 07, 2019

    Fashion Has No Size

    What is fashion? Number of people define fashion in distinctive ways, according to their mental approach and surroundings, they experience, but the matter of fact is that none of the definitions are wrong until and unless it excludes a certain community of people from the united community of fashion because fashion is not just a word, in fact, it defines a community of people who are eager to look good and are ready to invest resources, sometimes in the form of time or sometimes in the form of money to make themselves feel good for their own self.

    With no doubt, it has been observed that for a long period of time, the people with plus size have been considered as a subtraction from the community of fashion, but the time has revealed that their clothing sense cannot be challenged at all because they hold an amazing capability to showcase that curves and plus size beauty by making use of the plus size fashion.

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