What is fashion? Number of people define fashion in distinctive ways, according to their mental approach and surroundings, they experience, but the matter of fact is that none of the definitions are wrong until and unless it excludes a certain community of people from the united community of fashion because fashion is not just a word, in fact, it defines a community of people who are eager to look good and are ready to invest resources, sometimes in the form of time or sometimes in the form of money to make themselves feel good for their own self.

With no doubt, it has been observed that for a long period of time, the people with plus size have been considered as a subtraction from the community of fashion, but the time has revealed that their clothing sense cannot be challenged at all because they hold an amazing capability to showcase that curves and plus size beauty by making use of the plus size fashion.

The main point is that people really don't know what fashion directs the person to, like what is the main purpose of being involved in fashion and investing the time in money in it? Once you will get the main purpose or the main definition of the fashion, for sure you will regret believing the definition of the exclusion of plus-size beauty from the industry of fashion for a long period of time in the past.



The real purpose of fashion is to embrace beauty and individuality. It is basically the tool and a platform we use to showcase that individuality in order to make our inner self, satisfied with the capabilities and distinctions owned by us with respect to the other people around the globe because every person is unique, and every person is special in his or her own way. Indeed, fashion is anything in which you feel comfortable and everything that defines you as you, not as someone else, because you are you and they are they and at any point where you start losing your individuality to make yourself like others as an example, going for the processes like involving body shaming or all, the idea of fashion loses its real meaning. It is anything, in which you feel comfortable and which you can embrace with open arms and now the matter of discussion here is that people keep on running after the trends which keep on changing with respect to time in seasons without taking into consideration of their own personal comfort level and choice and this is where the fashion loses its real definition.

Our size inclusive fashion industry has always been neglecting the people with size 12 for a long period as its narrow-minded thinking of fashion was limited to the people with curves and smart people, until recently where they came to recognize that fashion is not about being smart, it has nothing to do with that and if you make the limitation of fashion for smart people, it is actually challenging the creation of the Creator of the Universe because He has created every person as an individual, as a distinctive individual where each one of them holds a hidden beauty element embedded inside, so who are we to challenge it or specify it to a certain type of community only?

If you are also a plus size individual and facing the criticism of people because of your plus size, beauty and plus size clothes, then it's time for you to stand up for your own self and reality to showcase them that they are challenging the wrong person for a  wrong thing and this is because you're beautiful, you are amazing, basically you are incomparably great. So, who are they to challenge you? Time for you to make a stand and show them that the being a curvy girl and having the curve shape are also the characteristics of the size 12 because you are beautiful and never let anyone tell you that you are not.

It is the responsibility of all of us to make sure that every part of the community around the globe is able to showcase their beauty and that is to be done by making complete assurance of them to have confidence and the sad part is that we are responsible for making them lose their confidence because of our criticism and narrow-minded thinking.

If we conclude the discussion of fashion for plus size people,  the old and obsolete seed of limited fashion aspects has to be taken out of the mind and a new and refreshing seed of  fashion defined in the terms of individuality and reality is to be sown, in order to make sure that the real purpose of fashion is being practiced instead of making it a hypocrite word.

All in all, your size does not define your beauty and if someone asks you to define your beauty by the aspect of your size. Well, now you know what to answer, don't you? Always keep in mind one thing that if you will allow the person standing in front of you to take some steps towards you in the negative aspects of making you down for your own self, then it’s your mistake because you should not be allowing them to let down your beauty and your amazing self because God made you amazing so don't allow them. Do you know the real definition of fashion now? Ready to take the world over by your one plus fashion sense? Up for it?