What is PlusLivin?

PlusLivin is a site created to help plus-size individuals find what they are looking for with no hassle. Whether apparel, travel, hospitality we are dedicated to creating a site to make the search a lot more easier.

Where can I use PlusLivin?

As of now PlusLivin lists businesses from 12 main U.S cities. As we receive more listings we will continue to expand the reach.

Is PlusLivin a retailer?

Absolutely not. PlusLivin does not sell products of any kind. We aim to make the search easier for those who typically have had a hard time finding the right size and etc,.


Can I list a business on PlusLivin?

Of course! We encourage not only business owners/managers/internet marketers to list their businesses on PlusLivin but, also customers as well. Submit a Listing. We may need to verify that your business brings benefit to our demographic.


Is there a fee to list?

Creating a basic listing is free. We do offer a featured plan (one-time fee) for those businesses who want to add a video or videos to their listings.